Amusement Park

The Amusement Park has more than 20 fantastically built and placed rides and attractions to ensure that you have the time of your life when you visit with friends & family. Worlds of wonder has a world-class amusement park that doesn’t disappoint. It is clean, green, and modern with a wide variety of attractions. There are more than 20 attractions placed in two entertainment zones:

The Road Show – Road show meant for adventure lovers, has seven thrilling attractions (also known as the teen zone).

La Fiesta – La Fiesta meant for family and kids, comprises of 13 attractions and a family park where the kids who are below 90 cm can enjoy their day. You can sit on the grass and have a small picnic or look at your little ones roll in laughter as they go about having fun on the non-mechanical rides and the older ones have a good time on other rides. It’s a family package of hearty moments and memories.

We care for you and your safety, and hence, all the rides at the amusement park are certified by TÜV NORD, a German certifying body.

Opens daily between 11:30 AM – 20:00 PM


Feel the thrill of speed and get behind a set of wheels to get your heart racing!

Wonder Speedway – Noida’s only place where one can de-stress through a few laps of go karting and enjoy with friends on a day out. The thrill of speed, the flow of adrenaline, and the sound of the engine gets the heart racing.

Wonder Speedway is North India’s largest, and India’s best professional two-stroke go-karting track. The best of facilities, a series of well-designed and power-packed karts ranging from Twin engine pro karts to Duet karts and single-seaters are provided here.

Whether you're planning a holiday, already on holiday or living in Noida, it's a MUST to visit our Go Karting Track. Plan your go karting outing today with Wonder Speedway.

Opens daily between 10:30 AM – 19:00 PM


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